Album Covers Exhibit at LIU

"I miss album covers. One of the huge reasons I loved albums was because of the cover art. And even though I bought records for the music, an album’s cover played a role that couldn’t be overlooked. In many cases the music was as astounding as the artwork, but sometimes, I bought albums just because the covers were amazing.

I still remember the wondrous joy of holding an LP record cover and reading the liner notes or the lyrics while listening to the music.

Each time, it felt like I was discovering the world anew. And as an unrepentant sentimental who has kept her albums, I am often able to revisit this pleasure.

I regret that today’s youth won’t experience the unique joy of album covers, except perhaps as relics.

Although the covers that graced so much of our favorite music may be all but history, their artistic legacy endures to this day as this exhibit proves.

Through these covers, sentimental music fans will recognize the expression of a period or of a particular time in their lives and remember golden days with their friends. But these 12" works of art do more than just represent moments from our personal musical past. They are incredibly unique and historic markers that portray the Haitian music experience."

michèle voltaire marcelin

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