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DWA FANM invites you to Our Third Annual Voices of Women :
Celebrating Haitian Women Filmmakers. An auction and film-festival to benefit Haitian women survivors of violence in Haiti and in the United States and presenting the work of more than 9 extraordinary women, their achievements, their vision and their use of film as language to speak with the world about women’s struggles, gender bias, racism, class, sexuality, abuses, oppression and child labor.

Narrator, artist and actress Michele Marcelin will walk us through excerpts from each film.

Screening films by Michele Stephenson, Elsie Haas, Patricia Benoit, Rachele Magloire, Michele Lemoine, Claudette Coulanges, Anne Lescot, Laurence Magloire, Michaele Jean.
Also acknowledging the first Haitian film to deal with restavek in Haiti, “Anita”, by Rassoul Labouchin and “Si’M Pa Rele”, by the late Martha Jean-Claude.

* “Faces of Change”, [2001 Work in Progress] A film by Michele Stephenson depicting poignant stories about the lives and experiences of six women as they encounter racism and discrimination. Michele Stephenson is one of Dwa Fanm’s founding members.
* ‘Enfants des Rues’ (1997), [Children of the Streets] Rachele Magloire’s story of children on the streets of Port-au-Prince. A story about the sexual exploitation of children living in poverty. A documentary about the prostituting of Haitian children.
* ‘Chronicle of the Bird-Women’ (1997), [Madan Sara/Street Vendors]. By Michele Lemoine. A documentary on the life of two Haitian women street merchants, Hermite Pierre and Visita Colagen and their economic struggle.
* ‘Looking for Life’ [Cherche La Vi] (1999) by Claudette Coulanges. A story about two Haitian women, and their interaction with each other. One sells pre-cooked food in front of a factory and the other woman is a factory worker. The film depicts the important role of Haitian women in the Haitian economy.
* ‘Of Men and Gods’ (2002), A film by Anne Lescot and Laurence Magloire. A vivid documentary on voodoo, religion, homosexuals, gender and sexual identity in Haiti; a rare and honest portrayal of gender oppression.
* ‘Se Met Ko’ [Your Body,Your Responsibility] (1989). By Patricia Benoit. A ‘soap-opera’ about AIDS and HIV infection in New York’s Haitian Community.
* ‘Tropique Nord’ (1994) [North Tropic) by Michaele Jean. This film deals with the issue of Haitian and racial identity in Quebec.
* ‘Les Enfant Du Coup D’Etat’ [Children of the Coup D’Etat] (2001), by Rachele Magloire. A film which deals with the Coup D’Etat, focusing on the years between 1991 and 1994 and after, and also focuses the stories of survivors of violence.

Live music performance by jazz singer Myriam Augustin and Alix (Buyu) Ambroise, Eddy Bourjolly, Robert (Bob) Raymond and Sergo Decius. Also introducing for the first time on stage, songstress Sandra Lebrun.

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