The man by the Shore


L’Homme sur les Quais

We are in Haiti, at the beginning of the sixties under the terror regime of Papa Doc. Six-year old Sarah (Jennifer Zubar) observes a violent scene from the balcony of her parents’ house. Later, under the supervision of her father (François Latour), a military captain, her godfather Sorel (Patrick Rameau), is arrested and tortured by commanding officer Janvier (Jean-Michel Martial) for alleged subversive activities. After their parents flee the country due to the political situation, Sarah and her sisters are sheltered by nuns.

Grandmother Camille Desrouillère (Toto Bissainthe),with the help of a fellow business man (Albert Delpy) tries to usher the children out of the country but Janvier thwarts their escape. A new conflict breaks out as Janvier’s arrogant wife
(Michèle Marcelin) walks in the grandmother’s store to demand an exchange for used shoes. Days later, Ms. Desrouillère disappears…

A story about repression sensitively told by Haitian director Raoul Peck, whose last films include “Lumumba” and “Sometimes in April”.

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