a valentine tale

desir he had loved this woman.
had loved her tenderness,
her passion.
the wildness of her hair
only matched by the
wildness of her words.
there had been no limits,
no boundaries.
he had abandoned
himself completely to her.
they would suck each
other’s toes
and nipples,
would photograph each
watching the pictures as
they kissed
and caressed
and embraced,
her supple body
under his,
matching his every move.
and the way he would
eat her, voraciously,
leaving teethmarks
on her fragile skin,
making her turn,
her back against him, her
foot pressing
on his thigh as he
entered her savagely
and crying and coming
and moaning
who are you coming for
she would ask
and he would moan
for you, i come for you,
saying her name
and then after he came,
his eyes floating,
a drowned man,
he would touch her entire
body gently, fleetingly,
all over,
as if touching
blessed land.

excerpt from
"a valentine tale"

michèle voltaire marcelin

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