Toukouleur, where Sénégal meets France; where Dakar-born owner Jeannette greets you as a guest in her home; where conversations are in French, Wolof , English and Créole; Toukouleur, where poetry meets jazz…
Poetry was by Michèle

and Jazz was by the Blues in Red musicians

Markus on Haitian drums, Lou on piano, Buyu on tenor saxophone, Michael on drums and Bobby on electric guitar

A répertoire that weaves together traditional melodies and rhythms of Haiti with contemporary jazz.

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Toukouleur
Michèle recited love poetry: a little Aragon, a little Prévert, a little James Noel, a little Syto Cavé, and Verlaine to end the night…

Marie and Michèle in a singing duo.

An instrumental rendition of “My one and only love” drew cheers from the appreciative audience.

Francesca who organized the event and Michèle.

Bobby , Buyu , Francesca, Michèle, Marie, and Toukouleur owner Jeannette.

Tout est bien qui finit bien!

At the end of the evening, the artists relax with some wine …

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