Rhythms and Rhymes

michèle voltaire marcelin and Tiga Jean-Baptiste A tribute to Aimé Césaire with Tiga & Tchaka and Michèle at Toukouleur
Friday, May 23rd, at 8pm

“Everybody always asks me “Who are you?” I don’t know anything about that. When I want to know myself, gain some insight, I re-read my poems. It is through the poem that I know myself. The poem for me is what allows me to descend within myself, to wander among my phantoms, among my fantasies, my dreams, my terrors. It is through the poem that I gain knowledge.”
“A Césaire poem explodes and whirls about itself like a rocket, suns burst forth whirling and exploding like new suns—it perpetually surpasses itself.” Sartre
Rhythms and Rhymes that flow from the heart…

James “Tiga” Jean-Baptiste
Percussion and Woodwin

Michèle Voltaire Marcelin
Spoken word & Poetry


Choosing a tree for a drum, one must say a prayer for the tree’s spirit that will make its home in the drum after the tree is dead.
& Rhymes….


Spoken word”, an age-old tradition, is literature’s oldest form. Some say that the secret at the heart of all sorcery is simply understanding that the entire universe is made of words, and if you know the words that the universe is made from, then you can do with it whatever you wish.
Tiga & the musicians from Tchaka, Michèle, and Francesca who organized the event.
“We are luminous, we human beings. We are alight in that we have been given a light through our creator, through a gift of nature. Everyone is born with this logos/light. The light is, as it were, sealed in the protection of our flesh – inscribed like a secret text of nature. Because of this gift, we have the capacity to make visible the light of divine meaning in our common life.”
(Elvee, 1988)

Breaking bread with friends in a convivial atmosphere with the added enjoyment of inspired poetry and music

At the end of the evening, we’ve all connected on a deeper level:
Michèle and Phedra

Mademoiselle Francesca who organizes the cultural evenings at Toukouleur, with Tiga and Michèle

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