chastity belt

give me leave to be sentimental without censure
and you may stay in your tower if you please
but meeting you was an unexpected grace
a serendipitous pleasure
you quickened my heartbeat
filled my body with stars
freed my words from their prison
yes there were too many buttons on your shirt
and i fumbled with the belt buckle
and must pants be fastened inside and out
and shoes be tied by laces
must socks be worn
and need your heart and eyes be as guarded
as your body by these clothes
bolts and screens that guard your treasure
next time come naked at my door
all i want is your pleasure
mine too to be real
but what’s yours is mine
fuck my mind
please my body
kiss my soul
suck my mouth
lick my thoughts
hump my words
i like it when you pull my hair
i like it when you make me laugh
your skin is as salty as the sea
your mind as sharp as the wind
blow wind blow

michele voltaire marcelin

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