wild wind



rain dampens the earth
when pleasure comes
a sudden storm
i tremble in the wild wind
under an avalanche of leaves

thrown in darkness
without a voice
only animal cries and open-mouthed kisses
to silence words
and share the blood-red sadness
from your glass

you leave
i undress
remove the name you blessed me with
abandon my reflection in the mirror
slide into death on damp sheets
and in my dreams
sweet years come back to me

a blaze of summers and springs
when my dazzled heart
could open and close infinitely
to the bright noise of naked boys

but love is now this wild night wind
fragrant with rain and roots and earth
shaking trees
rustling leaves
and i don’t have the voice to say it
to plead
that it be gentle with my obedient soul

michèle voltaire marcelin

watch the poem come to life with michèle’s voice over stunning images from haiti

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