i know the tune

in tune with love

i could not wait for you
all day i could not wait
i bathed in holy water
saying your name
wearing jewels for you
perfume inside my thighs
i could not
i could not wait for you
there were wildflowers in my eyes
a sexual haze of butterflies
even before you came
did you know then
all i wanted was to kiss you
there forever

in the greenness of this day
will you remember
if i mark it with a cross?
this is where we were
in heaven we were here
will you remember
this mouthful of sweetness
the fan whirring loudly
while chavela sang a tune
tócame aquí
and i did
with fingers and tongue and fragrant oil
while you danced in me deeply
the breeze lifted the curtain
and love came quietly
as i buried my face in
the dark hair of you
breathing your skin
sweet sustenance
september green
i know the tune
michèle voltaire marcelin

*The poet Octavio Paz has written: “The agent that provokes both the erotic act and the poetic act is imagination. Imagination turns sex into ceremony and rite, and language into rhythm and metaphor.”

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