a lying shame

She fancied him and things were free
Sweet talking and sweet nothing
But as the freedom was threatening
he needed reasons beyond
So they talked of stars and moons
and planet configurations
to explain their instant connection
In heels she swayed where sweet music played
and danced her heart away
He spoke of love and lied his heart away
Lied endlessly lied breathlessly
to remain in or get away
Lies squeezed out of him
as he schemed best laid plans
One more promise made
One more to keep or break
But a gambler loves the thrills
and trusts his luck
The virgin and the saints watch over him
as he risks his cock risks his all
One last turn of the dice one last roll
sure to be the winner and get to keep it all
When did she notice and what did she say?
Tell me the truth she asked
Tenderly he waved her away
shaking his head from side to side
smiling his crooked smile
crinkling his eyes in his seductive way
Tell me the truth
It’s you I love he’d say
Her question marks pointed nowhere
His explanations were light as air
She rolled over, played dumb, played dead
but no sign or symbol was neglected
She tortured objects until they gave up names
Stretched clocks on the rack until they gave up time
Questioned body parts until they gave up a scent other than hers, a different touch
Inquisition, perquisition, persecution
Until one night
she aligned facts in a neat row
held them to the light and watched them glow
all shiny smooth and hard as jewel stone
That night
she looked at him with her guillotine eyes
and smiled as he’d been known to smile
Checkmate! she said
This game is mine!

Michèle Voltaire Marcelin

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