lost and found


i learned the sorrowful craft of love
when i was exiled from you
i sought you in vain for so long
traveling with your name
a crumpled paper in my hand
unfolding a map of your land
asking no directions
following the wind

ghosts do you believe in ghosts
do you believe how hope can rip
a soul apart
although it’s worked miracles before

something in the wind sent me here
to your scent and i knew
i recognized you
no one else has such rivers in their land
making words grow and hearts beat so

i crossed
like a prayer crossed
the unforgivable distance of desire
feeling my way in the darkest night
breathless and wet
until i reached your shores

and blessedly
repeatedly i kiss the place where i landed
pausing at the line of your heart
rediscovering you
my new/old love
my lost and found

oh my land
i know your body deeply
i have prospected every inch of you
traced each contour with my finger
listened to each and every bloodbeat
following the path of your veins

i know the taste and smell of you
the bushes in your garden
your salt marshes
your mountains, your valleys
the sunlight on your bare trees

and i know
i know there is a place for me
in you

michele voltaire marcelin

Photograph Paul Cava: www.paulcavaart.com

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