by June Jordan

Supposing we could just go on and on as two
voracious in the days apart as well as when
we side by side (the many ways we do
that) well! I would consider then
perfection possible, or else worthwhile
to think about. Which is to say
I guess the costs of long term tend to pile
up, block and complicate, erase away
the accidental, temporary, near
thing/pulsebeat promises one makes
because the chance, the easy new, is there
in front of you. But still, perfection takes
some sacrifice of falling stars for rare.
And there are stars, but none of you, to spare.

June Jordan

June Jordan was born in Harlem in 1936. Poet, activist, teacher, essayist, she was a prolific, passionate and influential voice for liberation. Jordan lived and wrote as a moral witness on the frontlines of American poetry and politics. She died of breast cancer in 2002.
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