Man thinking about Woman

some thing is lost in me-
like the way you lose old thoughts
that somehow seemed unlost at the right time.

i’ve not known it or you many days;
we met as friends with an absence of strangeness.
it was the month
that my lines got longer & my metaphors softer.

it was the week that
i felt the city’s narrow breezes rush about me
looking for a place to disappear
as i walked the clearway,
sure footed in used sandals screaming to be replaced

your empty shoes (expect for used stockings)
partially hidden beneath the dresser
looked at me, as i sat thoughtlessly
waiting for your touch.

that day,
as your body rested upon my chest
i saw the shadow of the window blinds
beam across the unpainted ceiling
going somewhere
like the somewhere i was going
when the clearness of yr/teeth,
& the scars on yr/legs stopped me.

your beauty: un-noticed by regular eyes
is like a blackbird resting
on a telephone wire
that moves
quietly with the wind

A south wind

By Don L. Lee

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  1. salvatoreala says:

    Very beautiful poem which I remembered reading years ago. Thanks for sharing it.

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