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thank you poem

with your hands you bless me entire surely and forever i did not know before what was mine what was written in dark ink in my palm cursed as i am with words, metaphors i lose my speech stuttering heartbeats instead watching you sleep in my bed here are my poems take them i wrote […]


disheveled barely sleeping legs opened in lust i rose before the sun locked gates no deterrent climbed walls wearing down the heels of my shoes on rocky roads hours on end so many dawns i would wake you to sleep in your bed these were days beautiful and fierce i was alive as fire i […]


there was no ceremony when our love died no painful agony no friends or family gathered around its bedside no one assisted its demise it ended as it had begun sharp and sudden like a heart flash it was over so quickly: the perfect cancelled vows i erased your face in the mirrors gave you […]

Sweet Mimi Tango

Some men like the complications of back and forth emotions the delectable sensation of exquisite skin friction Some men dream of secret missions and epic fornications Which one is the man for me? Some men look for mystery Some seek the love of the century Some go mad for this gypsy who shares her passion […]

the promise

the wine glass broke spilling a thousand wishes like my childhood secret and the tell-tale stain on my dress shall we vow without witness freedom the only indelible promise michèle voltaire marcelin

Life Story

by Tennessee Williams After you’ve been to bed together for the first time, without the advantage or disadvantage of any prior acquaintance, the other party very often says to you, Tell me about yourself, I want to know all about you, what’s your story? And you think maybe they really and truly do sincerely want […]

goodbye, love, goodbye

my heart awaits what the stars predict brief pleasures, fears, chagrins and then goodbye love, goodbye leave the door half opened so my heart can follow you michele voltaire marcelin

a scent of Clementine

you are like the rough and sweet skin of the clementine i peeled and ate by the window the juice dripping on my chin long after i’ve eaten the fruit the scent remains on my fingers michele voltaire marcelin


the world tonight may end tonight you have laid bare your soul so beloved am i dry branches flower into trembling blossoms as i pass by michèle voltaire marcelin


how can i weaving how many loves as you weaving how many hearts of women flowing through your arms naked in your hands how many like me with the summer wind through their hair and their wild sweetness you are my only love i want to say but how can i someday cannot come cannot […]

white lillies

to leo coltrane you’ve filled the house with white lillies so sweet is the air with their perfume i am now strolling in a scented garden blossoms at night and your face fill the space with clear light michèle voltaire marcelin

the edge of the world

  twice i kissed my life away twice saw ghosts at the edge of the world where half-woman half-fish i drowned my million nights alone in deep sea sounds and reckless waters that opened wide and forever slipping into me wave after wave after wave an infinity of salt was it your voice brought me […]


  what magic names of places shall i whisper in the dark while you hold me so we travel at least through the night what sweet syllables of cities ancient or new what bird-laden trees in what gardens shall i offer you so that at last i see the world with you walk with me […]


la terre tourne les villes aussi tournent avec des hommes qui ont la tête qui tourne celui qui ose l’invention du gant a t’il toujours le front pour encore tendre la main rue des pucelles virage à gauche un corps de femme se laisse aimer l’homme garde ses gants noirceur en cuir et l’arme pointée […]

la joie après la peine…

Le Pont Mirabeau Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine Et nos amours Faut-il qu’il m’en souvienne La joie venait toujours après la peine Vienne la nuit sonne l’heure Les jours s’en vont je demeure Les mains dans les mains restons face à face Tandis que sous Le pont de nos bras passe Des éternels […]

For the Ex-Wife on the Occasion of Her Birthday

by Thomas P. Lynch Let me say outright that I bear you no unusual malice anymore. Nor do I wish for you tumors or loose stools, blood in your urine, oozings from any orifice. The list is endless of those ills I do not pray befall you: night sweats, occasional itching, PMS, fits, starts, ticks, […]

(birth)day gift of love

What can a poor poet do if pleasure is her true vocation If she knows that laughter is the last defense of freedom? A poet never knows for certain these days how to save a soul from the torments of remorse Maybe that’s why love floods through her chest and inoxerably upon finding it she’ll […]


by Billy Collins You are so beautiful and I am a fool to be in love with you is a theme that keeps coming up in songs and poems.There seems to be no room for variation. I have never heard anyone sing I am so beautiful and you are a fool to be in love […]