how can i

weaving how many loves
as you
weaving how many hearts
of women flowing through your arms
naked in your hands
how many like me
with the summer wind through their hair
and their wild sweetness

you are my only love i want to say
but how can i
someday cannot come
cannot come soon enough
someday cannot come someday
in the times of my heart
how can you not know
not know
how days you are here
your hands caressing my body
how i forget even my name
floating on the little clouds
in your eyes
on a someday cloud

and this is not a poem
of regrets
as i regret neither you
nor my love for you
i know i am somewhere under your skin
under your nipples
brown from sucking
and it is beautiful it is

to feel your heart beat
in the rustling of the night
to give my trusting mouth
over to you
honeyed by words dancing
on your lips

holding you
do i not hold the world
sometimes life is simple

that is all there is to it

there was in solferino
a heart of gold glass
i bought
take it from my hand

shall i tell you
i have a scar that matches yours
under my skin
it is where my heart beats
for you

michele voltaire marcelin

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