for a moment this was real
for a moment i believed it
but happiness long expected
long delayed
no longer seems probable
even if it leaves me inconsolable
shall we put this dream to sleep
but before you turn away
and walk out into the evening
with your body and its dangers
your scar, your crooked smile
and the gesture i’ve grown to love
your hand traveling on the table
take what will not serve again
the dark blue river of my veins
the door that frames your absence
and closes on so many wishes
thread my heart to a red string
a forget-me-not necklace
wrap your perfect kisses in this shawl
take my eyes
since they will discard their use
and see silence after you
but take also my mouth
as it will not do with anyone
what i have done with you
and through the window where
often we glimpsed the moon
as i watch you walk away
may the sky open and swallow you
before my not so astonished gaze

michèle voltaire marcelin

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