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in love i always lost myself my heart open to those who passed blind wanderer in a mirror possessed like the sky’s reflection of itself dissolving night after night in the changing fire of men’s eyes seeking myself in their light in their variegated smiles capturing their desires’ breath in pretty bottles kept on a […]

haïti, holy republic of all attempts…

This bilingual piece, adapted from the play “Dialogue with my Double” and various poems by Carmelle St.Gérard Lopez is a patchwork of activist literature – where for an hour and a half, there is intense communication between the audience and the stage. Punctuated by songs composed and interpreted by Maryse Coulanges, the text explores the […]

love is blind

does he love you you asked does he love you like i love you does he does he you are so beautiful and sad does he wrap himself in your skin looking for the missing perfume of wild roses falling apart in the wind does he lose himself in the jungle of your hair say […]

love declaration

love declaration

In the gardens of my youth, trees were green and love was easy. Easy for me to feel, that is. That was before I realized others believed it was a war where all blows were allowed.


i love my love and he loves me let happiness come in freely through wide opened doors so much of me waited half a lifetime for wished-for words i love my love and he loves me suddenly the lion in my bed who stands growling guarding the gates laid down to sleep when i said […]

the color of wanting

what is the color of wanting my lips will guard the secret i have survived solitude life after life love after love until i came at last to you i know the color of wanting was everything before you meaningless child’s play misspent days running away at the touch of least rain wrapped in the […]

sweet peace

how long shall we wander through the ruins of forbidden cities and lost kingdoms facing the impossibility of love how long till sweet peace is restored michèle voltaire marcelin

night poem

what is the cause of things we part and days go by it seems we belong to no one it is late in the city and i am left alone to sort out my pain what use are words that cannot bring back the face i knew and loved michèle voltaire marcelin