the color of wanting



what is the color of wanting
my lips will guard the secret
i have survived solitude
life after life
love after love
until i came at last to you
i know the color of wanting
was everything before you
meaningless child’s play
misspent days running away
at the touch of least rain
wrapped in the color of pain
blood pulses under my skin
lust and love crisscross
the hollow of my back
this is the color of wanting
claim this woman as yours
dive breathless into her arms
suck her sweetness dry
as she dissolves
and surrenders to your touch
claim this woman as yours
inscribe your name in her heart
erase the color of wanting

michele voltaire marcelin

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One Response to “the color of wanting”

  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful. The color grey being erased to rainbow.

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