love is blind

amours et bagatelles

does he love you you asked
does he love you like i love you
does he
does he
you are so beautiful and sad
does he wrap himself in your skin
looking for the missing perfume
of wild roses
falling apart in the wind
does he lose himself in the jungle of your hair
say rosaries for you
scatter flowers at your feet
so sweet
your music comes from the throat of a bird
it runs through me
like sunlight through the trees
wild merengue nights
fallen panama hats
the ocean was green the day we met
and your laughter dazzling
do you remember
and does he love you
like i love you
will he wake up with your name
like a song on his lips
there is so much blue in you
blue in your heart
up to the vanishing point
and whispers are all around
o love is blind
and is he brave enough to enter
your world
how you love so hard
does he feel a fever like i do
and will he love you
love you like i love you
like i drink from your mouth
and say your name as if
it were every month in the calendar
repeating the same rhythm
always and forever
will he
give you leaves rustling in the night
moons that burn a hole in the sky
i would fly through time to hold you
in my arms
i would fly
would he
know how to calm your wild animal eyes
the breathlessness of your fear
your heart frantically beating
you were in the moonlight
glowing like a saintly image
would he know what this signifies
look out the window
are there walls around your city
he would climb
to come to you
will he
chase after you in the rain
tear you off the ledge
will he hold and keep you
does the world stand still for him
when you appear
like it did for me
will he love you as long as he has breath
will he be there waiting
until the end of time

michèle voltaire marcelin

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One Response to “love is blind”

  1. Cas Hyman says:

    Such a beautiful poem. Lush, sensitive, passionate and evocative.

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