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pavane for a princesse

Everyone called her Princesse because she was one: a true Haitian Princess. A  courageous beauty with a sharp mind and an easy laugh who loved to dance and write poetry.  She had been preparing to read her last poem “Acquaintance” at a poetry reading this coming Thursday when she was brutally murdered.  She was only […]


this is the way that love began spring opened with your name with pollen-powdered flowers and leaves tangled green in the after-scent of rain fish flowed as freely as kisses all  bloomed luminous and startling a miracle of the world so beautiful it’s spring again again i count the days the months endlessly passing through […]

cahier spécial haïti

Comme le Mexique, Haïti est à l’honneur au Salon du Livre qui se déroule à Paris du 13 au 18 Mars 2009. La maison d’édition Le chasseur abstrait, connue pour son site Internet  Revue d’Art et de Littérature, Musique publie le 8e numéro de ses “Cahiers de la RAL, M” consacré à la création littéraire […]

shattered glass

words casually falling from your mouth glass clumsily slipping from your hands shards of words splinters of glass because you do not witness blood because the tears dry quickly you do not think i suffer michèle voltaire marcelin


come have a drink he said. he was so much older. and good looking too. i was flattered. come have a drink. a drink was something a woman had. a woman wearing perfume, maybe femme by rochas. my mother wore that, even though my mother did not have drinks with men. not even with my […]

i am woman

( in honor of my mother who could not say these words but  lives them through me) who owns me who owns my laughter i say no one a joyousness of bells resounds deep inside me innumerable seas rise in me wondrous and fierce my lavishness of spirit inexhaustible i rejoice in the world michele voltaire marcelin

dream deferred

  you bring me your love like a present and say wait to open it wait with lowered voice till the right day the day of mercy some hallelujah morning you bring me your love neatly wrapped with a bow with a calendar attached when you should unleash a thousand wild stars loosen the twittering […]


let me my love lie between your legs fragrant with rose apples and june plums with the nakedness of keneps to be plucked and sucked from the hollow of your thighs let me tongue-glide you down into salty sweet licking gently all night feeling the pulse beat through fingertips praying with rosary beads take you […]