this is the way that love began
spring opened with your name
with pollen-powdered flowers
and leaves tangled green
in the after-scent of rain
fish flowed as freely
as kisses
all  bloomed
luminous and startling
a miracle
of the world so beautiful

it’s spring again
again i count the days
the months
endlessly passing through and through

he loves me
he loves me not
interrogation of petals

this new season came
its resolutions unfulfilled
its ill-loved days
always too long
night falling where it will
slow tumble
killing time with wine
borrowed mirrors
promises blowing backward
words written on the wind

it’s spring again
and you slide through and through
am i a season closer to you?

michele voltaire marcelin

View and listen to a rendition of Springtime below


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3 Responses to “springtime”

  1. Karen says:

    Spring. I had forgotten. For these few moments I feel warm and new again. Gracias

  2. She does have such a duality in her work; one of the reasons I love it. Human, powerful and beautifully haunting.

  3. Cas Hyman says:

    I met my love in the spring, and got caught up in the tide of free flowing fish.
    Thank you for such a thought provoking & memory conjuring poem.

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