pavane for a princesse

Everyone called her Princesse because she was one: a true Haitian Princess. A  courageous beauty with a sharp mind and an easy laugh who loved to dance and write poetry.  She had been preparing to read her last poem “Acquaintance” at a poetry reading this coming Thursday when she was brutally murdered.  She was only seventeen.

Remember her name: Samantha Princesse Revelus.  Repeat it to others. Share her poem. Make her live forever.


If by any chance you see that ladyprincesse
With the round face,
Wide nose,
Deep brown eyes
Hair like wires curled up in a bun.
Pay close attention to her.
Notice her allure as she goes.
Simply, catch her attention before she knows.
Before any men cajole her with unreal vows.
If by any means you would want to identify her,
Speak of her not just as a woman of color,
But as a Creole marabou you won’t find around any corner.
If you would want to own her,
Show her your world in one dimension,
Teach her your method,
Arise from all lies and weak frauds.
Keep her high above,
Embrace with all your attention,
Not to mention your love and affection.
If not yet done,
Then love is worthless
And time will leave you heartless.
For she brings with her nothing but desires,
A home to welcome love and peace,
Which the heart requires.
Ignorant souls travel through her life,
With mud under their feet,
And thorns inducing cries of defeat.
But not one of them,
Not a single one of the filthy souls thought of
Reviving her.
So what lousy wind brought you here?
What values of you offer?
She’s a woman,
A queen,
A goddess,
Don’t treat her like any other.

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