in defiance


splashed by moonlight
wandering in search of her soul
she shone
facing the truth of night
the darkness of dreams
she shone
against the green brocade of leaves
the entangled nesting ground
she shone
amidst the sounds of air and wings
the prophetic flight of birds
singing their farewell note by note
she shone
despite a wrenching of body from body
and heart from heart
she shone
seeking salvation under the open soaked sky
sanctifying the place where he carved a promise in her heart
she shone
while the hand of absence clutched her throat
and in defiance of lost causes
she shone

michele voltaire marcelin

(artwork: mexican photographer mayra moreno)

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One Response to “in defiance”

  1. Cas Hyman says:

    How triumphant! Great photo, too.
    You shine!

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