clair de lune

michele voltaire marcelin poet, writer, painter and story teller

my love
i will give you
all i have saved for you
joyful gifts
groves clustered with flowers
filled with bird cries
mountains hidden behind other mountains
and seas older than the earth itself
my love, take the hand of this woman
who knows not her left from her right
yet knows unerringly
the way to your heart
take the warmth of her naked body
in the sweet calm of the night
her dreams flowing parallel
river flowing into your river
your river flowing into her mouth
her mouth eager for your flesh
and your flesh within her flesh
it is 4 in the morning
it has begun to rain very softly
in the sadness of the streets
rain drops as music
et puis voici mon coeur wrote verlaine
it beats only for you
my love here we are
in the metallic clair de lune
and here is this love
open your heart wide
the season of rapture is at hand

michèle voltaire marcelin

(photo: krisyan voltaire)

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  1. gldys noel says:

    I love it. <3

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