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  “My first memory of Texas is being glued to my mother’s hip as we thrashed through the terrain looking for a place to call home.  We never had a place, a house of our own.  When I say ‘thrashed through the terrain,’ I mean branches slashing against a child’s body that is glued to […]

the corridors of power

“Richard the III, an Arab tragedy”, an exciting adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, opens with a monologue by Queen Margaret who introduces herself with these words: “I am Margaret.  It is your right to ignore me.  I would ignore myself if I could but my history will not allow me. We lost. I don’t want your […]

the silk road

There are phrases so evocative, they summon entire worlds and journeys, real or imagined . Silk Road is such a name.  Conjuring visions of caravans passing across timeless deserts and oasis towns; of camels laden with bales of multicolored silks and sumptuous brocades, of handsome turbanned men with smoldering eyes carrying rubies and pearls, clusters […]