Lost and Found

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” Lost and Found “ is the book of love.  A CD of 25 poems chosen among the 74 in the collection is included with the text . There is an intimist tone to these poems and one can feel the poet giving herself entire to her devotion toward love. Contrary to the tone of her other book “Amours et Bagatelles”, it would seem she (the poet)  has found the serenity which until then had eluded her, as witnessed by this poem justly titled “Paradise”:

we laid in bed
you beside me
in the heart of darkness
laughing freely
and you held me
naked under my dress
like a leaf hidden safely in another
so easily the world regained its tenderness

(Hugues St.Fort -Literary critic for the Haitian Times and Le Nouvelliste)

Couv Lost And Found

Baudelaire tempted his lover with  “Invitation to the Voyage” :

“My child, my sister
think of the sweetness
of going there to live together!
To love at leisure, to love and to die
in a country that is the image of you!”

To entice her lover, Michele Voltaire Marcelin recites the poem “Dreamscape” from her book “Lost and Found”:

“what magic names of places
shall i whisper in the dark
while you hold me
so we travel at least through the night
what sweet syllables of cities
ancient or new
what bird-laden trees
in what gardens hidden behind ornate gates
shall i offer you
so that at last i see the world with you
walk with me
through streets i have loved
in buenos aires, aix, lisbon, jacmel
keep your steps aligned with mine
walk with me…”

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Michele Voltaire Marcelin’s “Lost and Found”, a newly published book of poems (Editions Cidihca, Montreal 2009)

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3 Responses to “Lost and Found”

  1. Mary Liuzzi says:

    I discovered your amazing work recently. Any update on when I can get a copy of Lost and Found and the CD? Thank you kindly!!

  2. I was just introduced to this poetry through a friend’s post of “Tangled Thread” on Facebook. I would love to be able to get a copy of this book and CD. Is it no longer in print?

    • makala says:

      There are a limited number of copies in print. Some of the poems read by the author are on a separate CD. The book will soon be reissued, making more copies available for distribution.

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