sweet death

let it be my death in a garden behind my house

between animal and flower

and the murmur of water

let it be in a luminous afternoon

with bamboos swaying in the breeze

let it be with the sun’s last ray

the wind’s last breath be mine as well

your name the last upon my mouth

heralded by birdsong

death be like a butterfly whose wings i fly on

on a day that tastes of everlasting summer

as oleanders blooming powdery pink

relinquish the spice of their fragrance

in the rain

o my heart’s joy

let it be as i hold your hand

walking through the fragile foliage

the slender trees

whispering the sweet memory of your name

let it be that i surrender willingly to the wind and the light and the sun

that i disappear in the splendor of the sky

michèle voltaire marcelin

march 1, 2010

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One Response to “sweet death”

  1. Maryse says:

    I imagine that perennial smile adorning that beautiful face of yours, enjoying this new experience just as you have others.

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