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Amour and beyond

Amour and beyond? Beyond love is death. “Amour” is lucid, touching, brutally honest and magnificent. It is the story of a loving couple and the harmonious and self-sufficient life they created for themselves. We witness their tenderness, their respect for each other, their shared interests and then illness strikes and we watch their world fall […]


I was fifteen when I was gifted with Solitude. My brother Leslie came home on vacation from Mexico and brought me the Garcia Marquez book I would love for the rest of my life… There was no better gift for this solitary adolescent languishing in Port-au-Prince. I would not rest until I gifted it in […]


With you as my touchstone, I do not fear dissolution. And when it will come time to surrender, I will gladly fall into the translucence of the evening. I know you are there, roaming free in the cold dark air, bearable to no mortal…

April’s End

April’s end
Trees were fruit-laden
We ate mangoes
Our mouths and hands
Yellow-syrup stained
And every night it rained…