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I was oh, perhaps 9? the very first time I heard the word Fuck. Emmanuel, the school hunk, had cornered Caterina by the back stairs of Union School and said I want to fuck you. Fuck… Fuck… Fuck. I didn’t know what it meant but the intensity with which it was said stirred something in […]

wild wind

rain dampens the earth when pleasure comes a sudden storm i tremble in the wild wind under an avalanche of leaves thrown in darkness without a voice only animal cries and open-mouthed kisses to silence words and share the blood-red sadness from your glass you leave i undress remove the name you blessed me with […]

le bonheur

saisie par le bonheur tu es si belle que tous les yeux du ciel te suivent au passage   michèle voltaire marcelin

Le nouvel an….

"De quelle couleur est la saison nouvelle sinon d’espoir?" Anthony Phelps Une année est passée qui fut ce qu’elle fut… Pour l’année 2008, je souhaite à tous ceux que j’aime l’audace du bonheur. Michèle