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Lost and Found

” Lost and Found “ is the book of love.  A CD of 25 poems chosen among the 74 in the collection is included with the text . There is an intimist tone to these poems and one can feel the poet giving herself entire to her devotion toward love. Contrary to the tone of […]


let me my love lie between your legs fragrant with rose apples and june plums with the nakedness of keneps to be plucked and sucked from the hollow of your thighs let me tongue-glide you down into salty sweet licking gently all night feeling the pulse beat through fingertips praying with rosary beads take you […]

love is blind

does he love you you asked does he love you like i love you does he does he you are so beautiful and sad does he wrap himself in your skin looking for the missing perfume of wild roses falling apart in the wind does he lose himself in the jungle of your hair say […]


how can i weaving how many loves as you weaving how many hearts of women flowing through your arms naked in your hands how many like me with the summer wind through their hair and their wild sweetness you are my only love i want to say but how can i someday cannot come cannot […]

bonjour tendresse

come it is night i’ve put ribbons in my hair for you to unravel there is wine to drink until we drink our eyes there are mussels and cockles to suck and eat until we lick each other’s salt you bless me with nights of love and sleep and when day claims my eyes you […]

lettre d’amour

  darling, the letter said i will conceal nothing i am wild about you can’t you understand i’m on fire missing you last night i was in some dark alleyway in my dream suddenly it overflowed with light when you appeared and i woke up saying your name darling, there’s a fire under the moon […]

some days

providence is sweet to me some days when i come in rush and bliss a morning prayer on my lips my body to claim your soul i know that you hear my song some days there are trees that stand for love filled with birds and leaves afire there’s a moon glowing above pink skies […]

chastity belt

give me leave to be sentimental without censure and you may stay in your tower if you please but meeting you was an unexpected grace a serendipitous pleasure you quickened my heartbeat filled my body with stars freed my words from their prison yes there were too many buttons on your shirt and i fumbled […]

and then you came

and then you came before the sky was sky and o my lawless heart forgot all save your name and then you came before the night was night and i all breathlessness surrendered to your mouth and then you came before the dark was dark and i so naked in your arms sent sentries to […]


return often to dance with me bodies don’t lie and though i travel light i will carry your skin and your kisses return often and take me in the mirror where your body echoes mine your body my salt mine, my ocean where i dive unprotected tossed by your waves who knows what treasures i […]

until one day, love

So I slept with my lovers, I slept with my friends, my lovers’ friends and my friends’ lovers, friends of friends and so on. I slept with my dealer and my dealer’s dealer, just to be sure. I slept with some men I barely knew to prove I was open minded, or to avoid an […]

L’amour fou…

à toi, absolument. "Et je chantais cette romance En 1903 sans savoir Que mon amour à la semblance Du beau Phénix s’il meurt un soir Le matin voit sa renaissance." Apollinaire Un homme m’attend sur le seuil de sa maison, une arme à ses côtés. Un homme seul, assis à l’ombre et que je vois […]

a valentine tale

he had loved this woman. had loved her tenderness, her passion. the wildness of her hair only matched by the wildness of her words. there had been no limits, no boundaries. he had abandoned himself completely to her. they would suck each other’s toes and nipples, would photograph each other, watching the pictures as they […]