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honest mistake

Betcha thought you got the serious one didn’t ya you let the glasses and the books fool ya but ya got the one who sings a capella in the mirror like a blind girl at the fair with her cotton-candy hair whisperin’ prayers in the air as she lays her feelings bare and ya know […]


I was oh, perhaps 9? the very first time I heard the word Fuck. Emmanuel, the school hunk, had cornered Caterina by the back stairs of Union School and said I want to fuck you. Fuck… Fuck… Fuck. I didn’t know what it meant but the intensity with which it was said stirred something in […]

i know the tune

i could not wait for you all day i could not wait i bathed in holy water saying your name wearing jewels for you perfume inside my thighs i could not i could not wait for you there were wildflowers in my eyes a sexual haze of butterflies even before you came did you know […]

wild wind

rain dampens the earth when pleasure comes a sudden storm i tremble in the wild wind under an avalanche of leaves thrown in darkness without a voice only animal cries and open-mouthed kisses to silence words and share the blood-red sadness from your glass you leave i undress remove the name you blessed me with […]