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there is no help for it

there is no help for it this day to day living will wear me out my man is gone taking my heart my spirit and my song with him there is no help for it i travel again and again calming my loneliness with the rhythm of the train another season comes using my tears […]

rue des miracles

he’d come in the afternoon she always left the door open was that a metaphor with poets you never know she ‘d be in the kitchen cooking through their stomach love comes she liked to see him eat and barefeet too what did that mean was that another metaphor she’d tell him i’m on fire […]

lighting fires

She is always in love. Always falling in love. Her heart is like an enormous room that is always cold. A man comes in, lights a fire, the flames swallow everything and then die down. When there are only ashes left, she shivers. She knows you cannot bring cinders back to life. You have to […]