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April’s End

April’s end
Trees were fruit-laden
We ate mangoes
Our mouths and hands
Yellow-syrup stained
And every night it rained…

A naked woman…

"A naked woman in the dark, is a call for my hands, for my lips, a destination, A naked woman in the dark, possesses a clarity that illuminates so come what may, say grief or sorrow, a black out or a moonless night, it is most convenient and even essential, to have a naked woman […]

sweet death

let it be my death in a garden behind my house between animal and flower and the murmur of water let it be in a luminous afternoon with bamboos swaying in the breeze let it be with the sun’s last ray the wind’s last breath be mine as well your name the last upon my […]


let me my love lie between your legs fragrant with rose apples and june plums with the nakedness of keneps to be plucked and sucked from the hollow of your thighs let me tongue-glide you down into salty sweet licking gently all night feeling the pulse beat through fingertips praying with rosary beads take you […]