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love grows

love grows in this quiet house love grows with every gesture we are safe here in this sweet forever weaving breathless moments into hours spreading our treasures in the darkened room singing a sanctified sanctifying song when lust and laughter come together as we do intertwining we rise and fall and rise again and come […]


disheveled barely sleeping legs opened in lust i rose before the sun locked gates no deterrent climbed walls wearing down the heels of my shoes on rocky roads hours on end so many dawns i would wake you to sleep in your bed these were days beautiful and fierce i was alive as fire i […]


  promising light my desire rose eager and unbounded incandescent like a naked bulb but you pulled the string and turned it off (it hurts your eyes you said) but on the inside the light is still burning michèle voltaire marcelin

chastity belt

give me leave to be sentimental without censure and you may stay in your tower if you please but meeting you was an unexpected grace a serendipitous pleasure you quickened my heartbeat filled my body with stars freed my words from their prison yes there were too many buttons on your shirt and i fumbled […]


pandan mwen kanpe la a m’anvi di w tout istwa m m’anvi sèmante m’anvi sèman m rive jouk kote w rete m’anvi tonè kraze m m’anvi soley boule m m’anvi pye bwa sekwe m’anvi syèl la tranble m’anvi tout zwazo fou m’anvi limen balen m’anvi limen bouji m’anvi met a jenou pou m lapriyè pou […]


return often to dance with me bodies don’t lie and though i travel light i will carry your skin and your kisses return often and take me in the mirror where your body echoes mine your body my salt mine, my ocean where i dive unprotected tossed by your waves who knows what treasures i […]


summer will be gone when i return let what we keep or throw away pass from my hand to yours lust is a hard red plum which will ripen next season i’ve bitten enough to slake the thirst of my journey and desire the juiciness to come i trust my lust if dreams are wishes […]

Romancero Gitano

La femme adultère Je la pris près de la rivière Car je la croyais sans mari Tandis qu’elle était adultère Ce fut la Saint-Jacques la nuit Par rendez-vous et compromis Quand s’éteignirent les lumières Et s’allumèrent les cri-cri Au coin des dernières enceintes Je touchai ses seins endormis Sa poitrine pour moi s’ouvrit Comme des […]

The Alchemy of Desire

Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is. Tarun J. Tejpal I would travel up and down her body, inhaling, inhaling, inhaling, hunting her secret source…. The room was dark and my mouth was everywhere and the white cotton she was wearing was crisp and thin and I was firm and insanely […]