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I was fifteen when I was gifted with Solitude. My brother Leslie came home on vacation from Mexico and brought me the Garcia Marquez book I would love for the rest of my life… There was no better gift for this solitary adolescent languishing in Port-au-Prince. I would not rest until I gifted it in […]

the color of wanting

what is the color of wanting my lips will guard the secret i have survived solitude life after life love after love until i came at last to you i know the color of wanting was everything before you meaningless child’s play misspent days running away at the touch of least rain wrapped in the […]

stone field

you say i do not sing of joy but of sorrow you say each word is a reproach each a stone you say rest that fierceness erase that debt i see the sky change to fire lighting up my empty bed michèle voltaire marcelin


night flows endlessly between my eyelids refusing to enter i cannot sleep and have started to count lovers instead of sheep some names i do declare escape me and some i will confess blessed me some flung their love at me while others slipped it behind me gentle like a shadow and once i found […]