Serendipity is the blessing of making fortunate discoveries by accident. It is finding what you didn’t know you were looking for, perhaps while you were looking for something else.

This loveliest , most wondrous word in the English language is my favorite. It is even a philosophy of life since I have often chosen to embrace the unknown, hoping that whatever it brings, Carpe Diem, will enrich me….

My life is filled with serendipitous events, coincidental connections of people and places, of music and words, of small graces and timely help coming out of the blue…guardian angels responding to unarticulated pleas…

Truth be told, having no plans other than to allow myself to be astonished by life, has created at times a disorderly and unpredictable lifestyle, but behold the lilies of the field…

There is no map to the land of Serendipity. You cannot plot a course to reach it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere, and when you lose your bearings, be open to the outcome…

Bon Voyage!

*On old nautical maps, cartographers inscribed uncharted regions with the legend “Here Be Monsters.” Sometimes they would draw pictures of these fanciful beasts rising from the waters, and occasionally would even show them devouring wayward ships. This fear of the unknown, of that future that lies just past the horizon, has been with us always. One has to be willing to cross that line to reach the land of Serendipity!

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