Sunday, May 18th~ Tamboo Lounge~ Brockton, Mass.

There has never been a be
tter time for jazz and poetry lovers, and Sunday night, the Brockton audience was given the opportunity to enjoy a performance of interwoven music and words at the Tamboo.

To celebrate Haitian Flag Day,
Buyu Ambroise opened the evening with a rendition of La Dessalinienne, the Haitian national anthemand his inspired tenor sax solo delighted the public. He was followed by the energetic pyrotechnics of Markus Schwartz on percussion.

Then Michèle Marcelin recited the exhilarating rapjaz by Frankétienne; a complicated, intricate tapestry of mental associations and of words torn apart and scattered. As she chanted, shouted, whispered and spoke the poem, Michèle worked the pauses between her lines to ride on the musicians’ groove and waited to start the next verse until a time so organic with the music that it felt predetermined.
he elegant and melancholy Mon pays que voici (My country ) by Anthony Phelps, was accompanied by Lou Rainone gliding over the piano keys with a gracefulness that echoed the lyricism of the poem. During the sensuous tenderness of Syto Cavé‘s M’anvi (I want), the musical improvisation of the entire Blues in Red band , both as interlude and accompaniment was marvelous.

Playing Kouzen, Caravan, Kote Moun yo, Konviksyon, bassist Paul Beaudry, with Waldron Hicks on trumpet, Steve Anthony Bèlvilus on drums, Markus Schwartz on percussion, Lou Rainone on piano and Buyu Ambroise on sax, showed the precision, polish and group mind that comes from playing together frequently. Each also had space to shine in their solos . And it didn’t hurt that they looked like they were having as much fun as the audience!

The appreciative audience at the Tamboo
“…and a good time was had by all!”

“I play it cool. And dig the jive. That’s the reason I stay alive.”
Langston Hughes

Life is a lot like Jazz- It’s best when you improvise!
“It’s a voyage of discovery, to find a place where the poetry and the music fit, and both can be understood.”

Cool Cats and Hot Jazz…

Michèle, stealing a moment before the show with Brockton jazz aficionados
Patrick, Carl, Dudley and Tania

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