wing song

you feel entitled to this i know
it is yours now
a gift you did not expect but cling to
and do not want to let it go
this woman open-winged
alive to kisses and dreams
longing for you like an impatient hallelujah
or a belated birthday with candles
wishes wishes wishes
moonlight singing in her head
hope trailing behind her like a veil
like birds
have you seen them in the sky
flying low
remember me she says as she moors you
to the depth of her voice
fastens you to the scent of her desire
remember me
listen to my wings unfolding
and birds crying in the wind
seize what you can
the sky is deep and blue-feathered
cast your net wide

michèle voltaire marcelin

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One Response to “wing song”

  1. Brisee says:

    This is a beautiful piece of work. I’ve always seen you as a creative and open person your writing just shows that it is an eternal part of who you are, not just a image.

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