Thank God It’s Friday because….
It’s live jazz night at Jazz966!

With jazz vocalist, Tulivu Donna Cumberbatch

And what were you doing on a Friday night that was better than listening to the Ray Abrams Big Band? In fact, when was the last time you listened to a big jazz band? (My last time was in New Orleans and even then, it was just 13 musicians – this one was a 17 piece band!)

Ray Abrams was a jazz and jump blues saxophonist who played with the likes of Dizzy Gillepsie and Andy Kirk. The band is comprised of five saxophones, four trumpets, three trombones, an upright bass, a drummer, a pianist and a vocalist. The musicians fed off each other’s individual performances and took hold of the audience with two sets of swing and jazz music.

Something of a living jazz history book that at times includes members from three different generations, the Ray Abrams Big band has survived the death of its leader in the 90’s and has carried on in his tradition, combining soulful blues soloing with modern jazz elements and a trombone section to die for ( the moaning and wailing of sliding trombones elicit the same sounds from me…)

Band leader Don Eccles pays a mean sax but woos the audience with celebratory love songs.

Jazz pianist Dotti Anita Taylor is also a flutist, a vocalist and a poet. I was blown away by her generous spirit.

Taylor on the Yamaha grand

Sultry voiced Tulivu embraced the room with her swinging vocals and brazilian love ballads. She delighted the audience when she converted “The Man from Ipanema” into “The Man from Brooklyn” which became a catalyst for couples to jump up and dance.

Barbara of the happy feet!
An ageless Friday regular who celebrates her birthday every day, and never misses a beat, Barbara was a Savoy dancer who is still the most graceful, the most easily sensual woman on the dance floor.

This was a delightfully blessed Friday evening filled with music and spirit and love. If music quality is more important to you than fancy drinks and surroundings, I am hoping you also will become Friday regulars at Jazz966.

Turns out there’s live jazz in our ‘hood every friday night!

Jazz966 remains one of the few places left in Brooklyn where quality jazz can still be heard without emptying your wallet. For the last 18 years, Sam Pinn, chairman of the club, has been true to his mission: “We try to be a place that keeps the music alive.”
Housed in a community center, Jazz966 offers live jazz music every Friday night for a minimal cover charge.

Jazz966 at 966 Fulton Street
718 638-6910

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