lettre d’amour


darling, the letter said
i will conceal nothing
i am wild about you
can’t you understand i’m on fire missing you
last night i was in some dark alleyway in my dream
suddenly it overflowed with light when you appeared
and i woke up saying your name

darling, there’s a fire under the moon
that glows as much as your eyes
bring me your sweeping scent of jessamine
the flowing wonder of your hair

the wandering sweetness of your mouth
darling, i miss your body on mine
and when that cannot be i cannot breathe
there is no air oh my new love please
forgive that impatience of my flesh that cries out
sweetness, take me out of my body and soul
i crave you and would drink the sea to give you salt
but you might rub it in my wounds…   ‘

michèle voltaire marcelin

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