soul victorious

soul victorious-eric fitzpatrick

soul victorious-eric fitzpatrick

what seems to tear me alive
my troubled tongue cannot explain
life not being what i intended
and love not forthcoming
grief, a fishbone stuck in my throat
pain blinding me, naked light
shadows on the wall turning bright
seeing another day, the only miracle
so i go on living
it hardly matters where
out of myself, against a wall, beneath the stars
my body overtaken by the noise in my mind
sudden wild birds in the air
i fled with them once
nothing could impede that flight
not the thousands of glances
transmitting implacable judgments
habitual messages
read in the moaning of the trees
the shifting of the stones
in a taptap the wind tapping on my mind
strangers as friends
more tightly pressed than the fingers of the hand
to a dark-in-the-night shantytown
grief eliminates many places
streetwalker among rubble and silence
sleepwalker on the tightrope of chance
until i’m barefeet at the gate
~a glowing of a lamp~
did you say it was my soul?
do i have a soul in the secret depth
where no words need to be spoken?
things must burn to glow:
i have passed through the fire

michele voltaire marcelin

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