love is in season


now has love come in my heart

love unending
listen how lovely the birds sing
ushering the clear light of may
careless forsythias bloom
sudden yellowness everywhere
i proclaim our love as boldly
in the goldenness of this day
my love has the gentlest eyes
a fragrance of leaves and grass
i’m reborn in beautyness
in the blessedness of his arms
let the day rise in again
in colors that yell out loud
happy days are here again
now has love come in my heart
michèle voltaire marcelin
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One Response to “love is in season”

  1. Elie Saint-Jean says:

    It’s a nice poem. It seems that love is full of vibrant colors, and is consistently emitting sweet smells between two hearts that are in vibration depending of their degrees of freedom.

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