underneath the beauty was a rift

in the heart of the land was a rift

and the rift in the land reached the rift in our heart

and we lost our people and the land…

michele voltaire marcelin

haiti earthquake-tuesday january 12th,2010 -5pm

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5 Responses to “rift”

  1. […] two years already since the earth in Haiti burst open, and a world collapsed. That moment of rift is unspeakable and absolute. It does not allow for discovery or discussion. This is not about the […]

  2. jacquelin jardine says:

    I saw you on PBS. I love your poetry. Do you have any poems that are appropriate for elementary school children, particularly regarding Haiti?

  3. tim says:

    sadly beautiful.

  4. Ed McDowell says:

    Saw you on PBS Newshour. Your words are magnificent.

  5. Mary Cooney says:

    Thank you. This is stunning

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